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Gnanananda Seva Samajam (GSS) Inc., USA, was formally established during December 2011 in the state of Maryland.


About 4 years ago, a few families started performing monthly Second-Sunday Sampradaya Bhajans in Maryland at ‘Guruji Illam’ in Maryland. The involvement from everyone, especially from very young children, began to increase.  Starting December 2011, GSS, along with support from the public, began performing monthly bhajans at JSS Spiritual Mission in Gaithersburg, Maryland. GSS chapters are being established in Canada (Uma Murali) and in various states across the US including Memphis (Balaji), California (Gurunathan), Phoenix (Karthik), etc.

During 2010, Sri Kalyanasundaram (Kalli Mama), Sri Mahadevan, and Sri Muthuswamy (harmonium) came to the US. Within a week of their arrival, their itinerary was packed with Paada Poojas and Bhajans in the Washington Metro Area, Memphis, New Jersey, Canada, etc. A grand Radha Kalyanam was performed at Guruji Illam. Kalli mama lead the audience with his eloquent description of the event every step of the way. He also led the crowd during Divyanama Sankeerthanam. Many people were quite surprised how a man at his age could be so vibrantly active. The stunning music and Namasankeerthanam kept the crowd on their toes with the momentum and aura at its highest. People who had never ever danced before in their lives began to dance during Divyanamam. Mahadevan mama’s soul-steering voice sent a vibrating resonance to everyone’s heart. Muthuswamy Mama’s magic fingers with the Harmonium were simply mind-blowing to the crowd. Kesavan mama (Chennai mandali senior member and an ardent devotee of Guruji) along with his wife Lakshmi were also present.

On New Year’s 2012, GSS organized a Divya Namasankeerthanam at JSS Spiritual Missionfor for about 6 hours with our local Bhagavathas. Participants, ranging from very young children to adults, thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening to begin the New Year singing in praise of all the Gurus and all Gods. Local professional music artists accompanied us. Devathi Dyanam, from Ganapathi to Hanuman, was sung by all our children which was the highlight of the evening. To bless us on this divine occasion, Guruji’s Paadukas came all the way from Canada.

On April 14th 2012, on behalf of GSS, Natraj School of Indian Dance performed a Namasankeerthana Natya Samarpanam with 22 devotional songs starting with Thotaka Mangalam, Gnanananda Guru, Guru Abhang, and Ashtapathi through Hanuman Dhyanam. The entire ordeal was choreographed and practiced in less than 4 months. Little girls through adults performed exceptionally well with full devotion. After the performance, reviews poured in from the public who expressed that they felt they were in Brindavan during the entire ordeal. Proceeds of this performance have been donated to the upcoming Sri Bhaktha Anjaneyar Temple as well as to GSS.


GSS will be performing Namasankeerthanam at Sri Siva Vishnu Temple on April 28th to celebrate Sri Venkateshwara Mahotsavam. We will start with our usual padathi including Thotaka Mangalam, Guru keerthanai, and Guru Abhang and then focus more on Lord Venkateshwara. We will also have professional accompaniments to play instruments for us.


Chinmaya Mission, Washington DC, will be conducting Tulsi Ramayan Mahotsavam during June 24th through June 30that Herndon High School in Virginia. GSS has been invited to perform in front of a large audience in the auspicious presence of Swami Tejomayananda. 


Gnanananda Seva Samajam, MD/VA chapter 


GSS California Chapter began in February 2012 when a small group of people began to perform monthly bhajans every second Saturday of the month. With the blessings of Swami, Guruji, and Namaji, the group here has also been performing during major festivals in the Bay Area.


In December 2013, we did our first Nama Ruchi Program, a series of bhajans in various homes and temples. In the summer of 2014 we conducted the first ever Guru Vardhanti Mela and Suvasini Puja in California. This event was dedicated to celebrating the 80thJayanthi of Swami Haridhoss Giri and Swami Namananda Giri as well as the 79th Jayanthi of Pujyasri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal.


We have also been conducting Pada Pujas in various devotees’ homes with Swami Gnanananda’s holy padukas during Summer 2014. We continue to seek out ways of spreading Namasankeerthan and the mission of our Masters.



Gnanananda Seva Samajam, California Chapter



Sathgurunathar Thunai! We from Memphis with full humility and gratitude bow at the feet of Sri Gurunathar for the opportunities he has created for us to grow and deepen our practice.

With the blessings of Sri Sathgurunathar, Guruji, and Namaji and with the help of few dedicated divine souls, we from Memphis
GSS center have been able to successfully perform monthly Dinasari Vazipadu Bhajans during the past 3 years. We are fortunate to have Sri Rajagopalan, a devotee of Thapovanam Swami, who started these Bhajans and has been helping us maintain our devotion toward Swami. We also perform weekly pada pooja. We have a pada pooja English booklet. Sri Namaji Maharaj reviewed the booklet and blessed us to continue performing pooja. We humbly bow to Swami for all the opportunities given to us and seek His blessing for one and all.


In Divine Service

Memphis GSS Center